Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Festina Lente

In our new premises with Mediterranean atmosphere we will show you how life can be enjoyed: all you need to do is slow down and allow yourself more time for good food and beverages. That is why our name is our value: Festina Lente! More haste, less speed!

We are here for you morning through evening. We serve excellent breakfasts including our own bread and pastry, you can drop in for a wholesome lunch or outstanding dinner. And from spring till autumn you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on our new terrace. Sit back and rely on our international team of experienced chefs made up of Czech, Croatian and Italian cooks.


  • Location5
  • Food10
  • Service9
  • Drinks10
  • Overall Impression9
  • 8.6


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Horomericka 8, Prague 6

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