Wednesday 6 December 2023
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Category: Pubs


We opened Vycep. Modern pub – Dalesice as a drafted beer, czech cuisine with a touch of Valassko under the supervision of the chef...

🍺 Beer and 🍷 Wine SPA

🍺 Beer spa apartment + Finnish sauna + unlimited consumption of Pilsner Urquell beer! 🍺 You will experience the perfect relaxation in...

Lokál Dlouhááá 🍺🍺

Enjoy carefully treated beer and freshly prepared homemade food. We draught the beer straight from the tanks via...

Pivo Karlin (Beer Karlin)

A brand new DESIGN pub and BREWERY in Karlin , must visit !

Červený Jelen

It used to be a Baroque palace with a beautiful garden, a small oasis full of life in the center of Prague. But then, the oasis was locked...

Prague Beer Bus

Beer bus is a unique vehicle and original new Prague must-do! Sit in the comfy bar interior while the vehicle is moving through Prague...

Prague Beer Bus

Prague BeerBus is a world unique transport bus which offers a self-service draft beer tower inside. While sitting and enjoying cold...

Dva kohouti


Kamina Boat

A boat to hire for parties , teambuilding , celebrations etc

Katr Restaurant

The word Katr means a jial in Czech, while Vězeňská street is a Jail street, but apart from this word game, our restaurant has nothing...