I was always clear. When I return to the Czech Republic, I will open a restaurant where they will make me a burger according to my imagination. And then I’ll eat you.

During my years of working in a restaurant, I prepared and arranged thousands of them, and I wondered what could have been better with each one. I adjusted everything from the recipe of the bun to the style of grinding the meat and little by little I dreamed of these three 100% perfect burgers. The first guests then inspired me to create a burger without meat.

In the bakery around the corner, they bake us fresh buns every day according to their own fine-tuned recipe, we have incredible meat that melts on your tongue and several carefully selected ingredients that complement its taste perfectly. We also think about the environment, so you won’t get our burger in a damp plastic box, but nicely warmed up, wrapped in paper. Long story short, I want to make you the best burger as if I were making it for myself. All that remains is to see if I’m bullshitting.


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Milady Horákové, Prague 7

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