Tantra – NS

In our tantric studio, we create an environment full of sensuality and spiritual connection. We specialize in providing tantric massages and teachings that enable you to discover the deeper dimensions of your sexuality and emotional connection.

Our experienced therapists and masseurs will guide you through a unique experience that emphasizes the mutual harmony between body and soul. Our tantric studio emphasizes respect, trust and mutual understanding, allowing you to explore and develop your intimate side without any pressure.

We are here to offer you a safe and supportive environment to explore your sexuality, deepen your intimate connection and achieve greater personal development. At our tantric studio, we believe that the union of body, mind and spirit can be a path to personal healing and overall well-being.


  • Masseuses9
  • Interior8
  • Prices9
  • Atmosphere10
  • Overall impression10
  • 9.2


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Národní obrany 22, Praha 6

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