Manifesto Market

Food ‘n Culture, Everyday.

Prague’s leading food purveyors, chefs, restaurants, local designers and artisans create a completely new holiday culinary experience unlike any other in Prague.

Taste a limited menu of high quality food, treats, the best coffee, wine and enjoy Czech beer from local microbrews.

Manifesto Market in News

„It was a provocative and bold combination, much like Manifesto’s mission: to push for the innovative use of Prague’s cityscape while stimulating the senses.“ – The New York Times (Read More)

„Prague has recently made a massive leap up the coolness scale.“ – Lonely Planet (Read more)

“The operators of Manifesto have placed Prague next to London and Lisbon where similar concepts exist.” -E15

“A Gastronomical Paradise Emerged in the Center of Prague. ” -Denik

“This is the end of an unused wasteland full of garbage in the center of Prague where people were afraid to go. A vibrant container village has emerged on this spot, that is now full of life.” -Blesk

“A forgotten and derelict spot in the very heart of Prague has completely changed since this Friday.”


  • Atmosphere10
  • Food9
  • Service10
  • Drinks9
  • Overal impression10
  • 9.6


Open hours

Check event schedule daily as opening hours might fluctuate.


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