Tequila, Gin or Vodka: How to Choose?

We can’t deny it, some of the best moments in our lives were accompanied by an alcoholic beverage in our hands. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re taking care of yourself and not crossing your limit. However, these beverages are usually so tasty and besides helping us relax and enjoy these moments more, they are also very refreshing and a great solution when we’re really hot and need something to cool us down. 

If you had to name the three most popular alcoholic drinks, what would they be? We’re pretty sure that tequila, gin and vodka would be the drinks the majority of people would mention. There’s no surprise in that as these are the most popular drinks around the world which inspired thousands of cocktails. Some of these cocktails are almost as popular as the drink itself. Just think about the Gin&Tonic or Margarita! 

However, all of these three drinks differ significantly in taste and that’s why they are mostly used on different occasions. For instance, you will probably not have a shot of tequila before barbeque with your family. There’s nothing wrong with that but you will probably choose something else that suits better the temperature of the day, food you will eat and occasion you’re currently in. 


We don’t need to introduce tequila, we all know what it is! Some prefer drinking it during the cold, winter days to warm themselves up before heading outside. However, when consumed during the summer, you will probably want to mix it up with other ingredients into a cocktail. Some of the most famous tequila cocktails are Tequila Sunrise, Margarita and Paloma. If you’re afraid that tequila is too strong for you, these cocktails are the perfect choice as they have citrus in them so they will reduce the level of bitterness. 

But it would be unfair to this incredible drink just to mention it in regards to cocktails. Tequila is really exquisite and not trying it alone would be a big mistake. This Mexican drink needs to be taken seriously and to do that, you will need to understand how to drink it the right way. The most common mistakes many bars and clubs will make is to have an alcohol delivery of a tequila which is not 100% made from agave syrup. 

It’s actually a very long process to get your tequila in the form you see it when you buy it. These plants take eight years to mature and be prepared for the process of making tequila. Another mistake is to drink tequila which is coloured with caramel as it leads to a terrible hangover tomorrow. 

All in all, the most important thing is to have a quality tequila. The rest is just to enjoy this unique taste and later widen your choices to tequila-based cocktails!


Unlike tequila, gin is not so strong but it doesn’t mean that a bad gin won’t lead to hangover because it most definitely will. Gin was invented in Europe and the word ‘gin’ derives from the Dutch world ‘jenever’. It’s called the greatest of the clear spirits in the world. What makes that specific taste of gin is the juniper which is then supported by other botanical plants, such as coriander, licorice and cassia. They are distilled using different spices, fruits, leaves and fruits which leads to hundreds of different tastes of gin on the market. 

Consequently, now we have four main types of gin – London dry gin, Bathtub gin, Old Tom and Genever. London dry gin has the strictest regulations when it comes to processing among them all. The only thing that could be added to juniper is water and that’s to bring down the alcohol content. The second type, bathtub gin, is a homemade version of this drink made by infusing the grain spirit with spices. Old Tom is a bit sweeter and spicier than the rest to cover the bad taste of low-quality alcohol which is used. Genever is also called the father of gin. It’s made by distilling malt wine and adding spices and sweeteners. 

The same it is with tequila, there are hundreds of cocktails which were inspired by this fantastic drink. The most famous one is, of course, Gin&Tonic. Whether you drink it without other ingredients or with, gin is the perfect drink to choose on any occasion


There is a general assumption that vodka originates from Russia but both Poland and Russia started preparing that drink around the same time. During the 14th century, the popularity of vodka was rising and it never actually went away. Today, vodka is preferred in many drinks, some even utilize it for the kitchen while others enjoy discovering new cocktails based on this interesting drink.

Indeed, vodka is one of the most versatile drinks on the market. It can be made by fermenting literally any food that contains sugar or starch. There are various brands who are widely known for their high-quality vodka and some of them even cost several thousands of dollars.

However, you can enjoy your vodka for a reasonable price while you’re drinking it as a drink or you mix it with other ingredients. It’s a great choice for hot, summer days when you need something to refresh you.

Final Thoughts

So, when talking about tequila, gin and vodka, it’s unquestionable that these drinks are dominating the industry of alcoholic beverages. Nowadays, there is so much choice that it’s even difficult to make a decision when you’re in stores buying a bottle for your home party or casual movie night with friends. Whatever your choice might be, we are sure that it will help you create better memories!

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