Massage Princess

Erotic massage is made of back, bottom, legs, including feet and intimate parts massage. We use a massage emulsion or baby oil. We also offer baby body lotion, suited mainly for individuals with allergies.

We start massaging the back part of your body – neck, back, buttocks, legs and feet. Then comes probably the most anticipated part, the massage of the front part of your body, mainly the intimate parts. Each girl does that in her own way. No girl offers oral or classic sex. Therefore, time spent with us is mainly for those who choose an erotic massage or unusual erotic experience from our offer or for those who simply respect the erotic salon.

The massage is concluded with a massage of your intimate parts. Your climax is a matter of course.


  • Location6
  • Prices6
  • Interior5
  • Service7
  • Overall impression5
  • 5.8


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Ruská, Praha 10

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