Sauna Bar

Sauna Bar Prague is an exclusive venue dedicated to relaxation and fun located in the centre of Prague where beauty and luxury aren’t just words: It’s the reality!

The club area is an all-encompassing 700 square meters and offers a wide spectrum of activities and opportunities for the complete relaxation of your body and mind.


  • Atmosphere7
  • Prices8
  • Service7
  • Location9
  • Overall Impression8
  • 7.8


    Written by local reviewer Stephan K.

Open hours

Mo-Thu, Sun: noon-05:00

Fri-Sat: noon-06:00



Ve Smečkách 31, Praha 1, Czech republic

4 thoughts on “Sauna Bar

  1. Miloš Jančařík

    V sauně jsem se pařil 26 dní za sebou, dalo mi to zabrat. Dokázal jsem, že to jde a vo to přece jde nejvíce.

  2. leeroyjenkins

    The true and only FKK in Prague , bringing something very special and unique to Prague adult entertainment . With entrance of 2000 czk , you get unlimited assortment of food and fruits , non alcoholic drinks and as group we got Free bottle of Alcohol . Talking about girls , they are top notch hotties . Whirlpools , massages , saunas and even more available for you . Best relax club in Prague by mile.

  3. guy

    one of the best fkk’s in europe, so many sexy females in this place, hard to choose which one you wanna go with


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