Magic Hands Prague

The MAGIC HANDS salon is one of the best in Prague and they offer these massages :

[ Body massage ]
Full body massage takes place in a sensual atmosphere with soft music, candles and warm oils. Body massage is when your masseuse massages your body in general with her own. Pure skin contact! With the help of this gentle massage you disappear from the real world, you feel the highest pleasure and complete relaxation!
[ Erotic Mix massage ]
The massage mixture includes the best techniques of all types of massage, this is our favorite massage. First, the skin is synthesized with gentle hands, enjoying a full body massage with warm oil and pleasant music. You will receive a light sports massage of the whole body, also this massage includes sliding the body over the body and at the end a sensual element. 
[ Kiss massage ]
Massage Kiss – our most sensual and gentle massage, from which you will be delighted. The final part of the massage consists of a gentle caress of the erogenous zones. In particular, our special tantric massage techniques are used, which include the intimate area. 

[ Sport massage ]
Classic sports massage is an intense physical strength with hands, but at the same time it is also gentle forms of touch. Get rid of stress. Feel the muscles slowly relaxing, and your emotional background gets true satisfaction and enjoyment.
[Nuru massage ]
The gel is odorless, colorless and consists of deep seaweed minerals. Thanks to the detoxifying effect, you get skin hydration and a new elasticit 
[ 4 hands massage ]
With four charging arms, you lose ground under your feet. Two professional masseuses give you double pleasure. We will take care of you and your body with confidence and love. Just let yourself fall and accompany you on this journey 
 [ Tantra massage ]
Tantra massage moves between eroticism and spirituality and is an experience that you should not miss. With this massage you can relieve stress and blockages. Your energy is directed back to the correct flow and can freely pulsate and flow through the body. The main essence of tantric massage is to expand your own sexual energy and make it a harmonious part of your life.
[ Couple massage ]
Massage for couples is a wonderful and very unusual gift idea. You can establish completely new impulses for your connection with each other. You can get massage together in one room or be divided


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  • Masseuses10
  • Service9
  • Prices9
  • Overall Impression10
  • 9.4


Open hours

We massage 24 hours a day 7 days a week!


Na Moráni 1957/5

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