Friday 1 December 2023
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5+1 tips for how to spice up your (business) trip to Prague

It doesn’t matter if you are coming to Prague for a business trip, stag party or simply a short visit, it always has a lot to offer. The capital of Czechia is famous for its architecture, breathtaking views but also entertainment and night life. We decided to bring you a few tips for what to do, specifically after you have seen the Prague Castle and Charles bridge, it gets dark and you are craving a little bit of fun.

  1. Food and drinks

Prague is well known for a big variety of Czech (but also international) cuisine. You definitely don’t want to miss Svíčková, Goulash or Duck thigh with unique Czech Knedlíky as well as the legendary Fried Cheese. For a dessert or a snack, you might go for Trdelník which is sold in many bistros in the center.

You have probably already heard about Czech beer and how good it is. And all of it is actually true. Slide into some of the cozy medieval pubs in the Old Town or Little Town and have two or three Pilsner Urquell pints. You can find a lot of bars with local wine produced in Moravia too. Last but not least, Czechia is famous for the production of absinthe, most of it having not less than 80 % of alcohol. Do not therefore forget to stop by in an Absintherie.

  1. Organized events

There is a lot more than dining going on in Prague after it gets dark. You might join a night cruise on the Vltava river that offers spectacular views of the city. You can hop on a historical car that will take you throughout the most important parts of the city center.

As you will see, Prague has a very specific dark vibe. Booking any type of a tour after it gets dark definitely is an experience to have. There are some options that would not make that much sense during the day: attending a ghost tour, visiting the historical underground, going to the museum of alchemists and magicians, beer museum or to a jazz concert.

  1. Striptease

Maybe you are coming to Prague to experience everything to the fullest extent and don’t want your evening to end at 10pm. Well, we have tips for you too. As you probably know, Czechia has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. If you want to see more of them, a night club called Neon is definitely a place to go. It has a free striptease show with no entrance fee. Also the drinks are for quite cheap prices. It would be a shame not giving it a shot, especially if you are only visiting Prague on a rare occasion.

  1. Massage

One of the girls you see on a striptease show in Neon club attracts you a lot. Don’t worry, that happens often. Therefore we have an option of getting to know each other better in privacy. In one of our rooms, you will receive a massage from the girl of your choice. If the sympathy is mutual, there might be a different ending of the whole story. Who knows. The night is young and everything is possible.

  1. Escort

Maybe you are tired after a long day of exploring and don’t feel like going out at night. That is quite usual and the city is prepared for this option too. Neon club offers an escort service. You can choose the girl either online and make a reservation or go find the girl to the club. If you cannot make up your mind over several girls, it’s okay as well. Who says you can only have one?

  1. Luxury companion

A big number of people come to Prague alone, especially for work and business trips. New city can get quite lonely and finding yourself somebody after a hard day of work is not always easy. In that case, you can order a luxury companion for yourself. The girl will spend an evening, weekend or even a week with you. You can go for dinner, movies, watch the night sky or spend the evening in a hotel room. It depends entirely on what you agree on. You don’t have to be alone, you only need to know where to ask.

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