Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Prague Beer Bus

Beer bus is a unique vehicle and original new Prague must-do! Sit in the comfy bar interior while the vehicle is moving through Prague city center. Enjoy sightseeing while sipping draft beer. With no crowds, maps or sore feet!

Tired of usual sightseeing? Looking for an extraordinary experience? Planning a stag party in Prague? Our beer bus is the ultimate answer! You can sit in our comfort interior, drink cold draft beer, while the vehicle is moving through city major highlights. Chat, drink, dance, rave – it is your party! Turn on your music on our audio system and enjoy the view from our large windows. You will see all the Prague top spots, without need to hire a guide. You will be seated together with your friends and enjoy the best moments of your party. Choose whatever beer you like for your group, play whatever music you want. Let us drive you around one of the most breathtaking cities in Europe.

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Hybernská 15, Prague 1, Czech Republic

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