Swingers club BUNKR

SWINGERS CLUB BUNKR  is a private discreet All inclusive club, where you can have fun and enjoy yourself as much as you want to, or where you don’t have to do anything at all.

The Club is situated in the tallest building what is seen from the far. The nearest metro station is called „Kačerov“. The bus stop „Zálesí“ is approx. 300 metres from the Club.



  • Atmosphere5
  • Prices3
  • Location2
  • Service2
  • Overall impression2
  • 2.8


    Written by local reviewer

Open hours

Monday                20.00 – 02.00
Tuesday                 19.00 – 01.00
Wednesday            11.00 – 03.00
Thursday              19.00 – 01.00
Friday                  20.00 – 05.00
Saturday              20.00 – 05.00
Sunday                20.00 – 01.00


Štúrova street 1701/55

2 thoughts on “Swingers club BUNKR

  1. John - UK

    A Great Club and a Great Life Experience – Review by John UK I am a single man from the UK and I was in Prague for almost three months on business. This club was the most positive thing that happened to me during my entire Prague stay. I was in the club two to three nights per week, so I think I have plenty to say about it. The Club: For new customers, the only bad thing about the club is finding it. The club is not marked by any sign, and you must look for the address and then call the club once you get to the front door; so don’t forget to bring the phone number with you. Once you call, wait a few minutes until the doorman comes. After you pay him, he will take you to the locker room and assign you a locker with a key and give you a towel. Then you undress or dress up as you see fit. You can wear your towel, your underwear, swimming trunks, sexy lingerie, or simply go nude. Once you go downstairs, the club is a hidden paradise. It is huge and has a large bar, two whirlpools, two saunas, multiple showers, a large relax room with a fireplace and fish aquariums, several private and semi-private rooms, and a large group sex room complete with an S&M cross, a pillory, and even large, rubber bouncing balls. Condoms and tissues are provided in all areas and the club is clean and automatically fragranced. The club has a modern and sexy dungeon-like ambiance.

  2. Liz and Andy from South London

    Highly Recommended by Liz and Andy

    We are a couple in our late 20s and early 30s. We are from South London and visited Prague about a month ago for a total of four days and visited this club on a Wednesday and Thursday night.

    Although the club is in downtown Prague, getting there is a slight task. There is no address listed on the website, and you need to find the phone number at the bottom of the website and phone to get the address. Once you get the address and find the club, you call the club again and the door man and lets you in.

    The club is equipped with lockers for your clothes. Once you go downstairs, the club is very large with many different rooms; some are equipped with state-of-the-art S&M gear. Hilariously, there are buckets of condoms in all the rooms. As an added bonus, there are two whirlpools and two saunas.

    Wednesday is the so-called gang bang party. Our fetish is gang bangs and we attend gang bang parties in London, so we had been curious about gang bangs in Prague. We arrived at the club around 8:00 PM. There were plenty of men and women and the ratio was about four blokes to each lady. I was the gang bang girl three times, and each time, I was surrounded by at least four to five blokes. For the ladies, quite a few of the local blokes are attractive. They had no problem covering my tits with spunk, and I had no problem handling all of them. Of course, all of this was under the watchful eye of my husband who thoroughly enjoyed the show:)

    Thursday is called greenhorn night, which is the same as a newbie night. Again, we arrived at around 8:00 PM. Thursday was quieter then Wednesday, but I still managed to round up a few lusty lads for one gang bang. Later we met a couple from Belgium and joined them in a private room.

    The club goers were friendly, and in addition to the Belgian couple, we met some friendly Czechs. The bartenders were also friendly. The entrance and drink prices are fair, and the included buffet tops off the bargain.

    We would highly recommend this club and will be returning with friends in June.

    Cheers from Liz and Andy, South London


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