Public Interest

Public Interest is situated in the center of Prague’s Old Town amid charming winding streets and attractive Old World facades. The bar’s interior, which is a timeless, handsome fusion of sleek dark gray walls, antique mirrors and film posters, small marble-topped tables, old stools and soft lighting, gives off a sort of London-esque vibe.

The decor, however, makes it seem as though this bar has always existed in Prague’s Old Town – just a time-worthy joint where you could enjoy top shelf drinks with your hip friends. This atmospheric bar is a great place for enjoying masterly mixed cocktails, rich wines, beer, or shots of liquor, and is perfect for meeting and chatting with a pleasant crowd of Praguers.

The cool atmosphere is made all the more swell by the eclectic mix of music played on the bar’s stereo system – you get a real mix of genres here, guaranteed to satisfy all patrons. With experienced professional bartenders mixing up classic cocktails – we highly recommend the English Cosmopolitan (a delightful frothy cocktail made with Gin, lime and fresh raspberry juice) the Vodka Martini made with fresh fruit (your choice of fresh fruit – pineapple, orange, strawberry, blueberry, passionfruit, etc.), and the Passion Fruit Rum Punch (made with two types of rum) – and original champagne cocktails,


  • Location8
  • Atmosphere8
  • Drinks10
  • Service10
  • Overall9
  • 9


Open hours

OPENING HOURS 18.00–3.00
SUNDAY, MONDAY 18.00–1.00


U Milosrdných 12, Praha 1

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