Prolog bar

Our alpha and omega is the emphasis on man and his soul, which, according to findings, weights 21 grams. I tis not the only reason why our cocktail menu features 21 exclusive cocktails with which we will pamper your soul.

Sometimes you need to reward yourself, sometimes you want to experience something new.

And this applies especially for the weekends.

Discover Japanese whiskey, one of the trends of the beginning of 21st century. Prepare your taste buds, we will mix you the cocktail from Nikka from the Barrel, apricot jam, lemon juice and homemade N.I.K.K.A. syrup.

Experience the „21st“ cocktail.


  • Location8
  • Drinks10
  • Atmosphere8
  • Prices7
  • Overall8
  • 8.2


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Nádražní 57

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