Lotus Spa

We have created an oasis of calm in the center of Prague. After visiting many salons in Prague, we decided to go a different way. Our several years of working in exotic Asia gives us the chance to compare. Thai salons are all about relaxing, nobody cares queue voucher after getting a term for several days or weeks.

Our luxurious salon is designed to meet your needs. Salon is flavored by exotic scents, built in the classical style for your help Asian therapists are guaranteed to offer the best rest. Our massage harmony of art, peace, rest and treatment methods, so you will not feel just like a massage, but it will be like a little vacation in an exotic paradise. We use the best natural aromatic oils and creams. There are showers and sauna, you have with a Thai massage for free.


  • Location10
  • Service5
  • Prices4
  • Interior4
  • Overall5
  • 5.6


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Národní 25

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