Category: Brew Pubs

Gastropub 20 PIP

A casual meeting ground for beer aficionados with the recent addition of an eclectic food menu One look at the colorful collection of beer...

Vortex Metropolitan jazz club and pub

The concept for our pub, along with its name, is entwined with a long and colorful history and thought evolution of its founders: we very...

Pivovar Marina

Nice interior , pretty good beer and food . But terrible service .


WE WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE THE IN LOCO BUDWEISER BUDVAR RESTAURANT CONCEPT TO YOU. Every place is unique for something: e.g. for being the...

U Pinkasů

First class and traditionally draft beer is drawn on three storeys and each of these premises will captivate its guests with traditional...

U Medvídků

Restaurant and hotel. The history of the restaurant ” U medvídků” dates back to 1466. In the past century the original brewery was...

GuldenDraak Bierhuis

Belgian Beer pub and bar with a large variety of Belgian beer. Great location and atmosphere.

Dutch Pub Prague

Piece of Holland in the heart of Prague..

Avion 58

In Avion you will be able to enjoy good food, good beer or wine, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere of the former brew house brewery...

Tankovna Karlín

Karlin tank room is a modern and stylish restaurant founded for beer enthusiasts and admirers of honest Czech cuisine !