Saturday 25 June 2022
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Category: Swingers

Swingers Club Gotika

The first medieval swingers club in Czech republic ! Located 80 km from Prague in Písek town.

Wellness-swingers club 69

One of the oldest Swinger clubs in Czech republic – South Bohemia. Different thematic parties. For details call +420 776 244 410...


A small swingers clubs in Brno – Moravian region . Single man are not welcomed .

Swingers Club TROJKA

A small but great club in Moravia , Přerov town . Nice local atmosphere.

Swingers Club Lublaňská

Wellness Swingers Club Lublaňská – sauna for 8 persons, 2x whirlpool – each for 4 persons, steam cabin for 8...

Swingers Club Zámeček (CLOSED)

The Club was located in a quiet Prague district – the Horni Pocernice. Closed now.

Cassiopeia Swingers Club (CLOSED)

Little amateur swingers club Cassiopeia, originated in September 2004. Closed now.

Swingers Club Ready (CLOSED)

Permanently closed…

Natur Travel

A  travel agency, offering nudist and swingers tours around the world.

Honey Swingers Club (closed)

With stage, VIP room and 4 Private Dance Room, you have many opportunities to enjoy Prague’s finest adult entertainers as they reveal...