Torture 66

Torture 66 – an  unique medieval studies at the outskirts of Prague 8 to 9 . There are medieval spaces that you break away from modern times and will not leave you indifferent.

The first area offers bed and forged cross with a draw, the second space has to be usedin addition to beds, hot tub and sauna. Another medieval area is equipped with multiple devices such as lashing metal hinges on the ceiling and walls, chain cat, criminal bench with logs, cage, etc.

Everything is ready for useaccording to your imaginationincluding a small bar where you can relax in styleIf you want to embark on an erotic journey through timevisit our studio in Zdiby ( 15 minut by car from center of Prague ).


  • Location7
  • Service8
  • Atmosphere10
  • Prices8
  • Overall impression8
  • 8.2


Open hours

On demand.


Ke Zdibsku 66,
250 66 , Zdiby

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