The kitchen is our stage. Sit back, relax and enjoy a great gastronomic and visual show.

It is essential for us to cook with compassion for seasonality, provenance, and above all quality of ingredients. We use both modern and traditional, years-proven techniques to let real, authentic tastes stand out and shine. Our main ingredient is love. We believe this can be sensed in the final product. That’s why we didn’t hide our kitchen behind a wall, but placed it right in the heart of our bistro. You can sit directly at the chefs table and watch them at work or talk to them. There are no industrial preparations in The Eatery. Everything we serve you is prepared from scratch using unique raw materials from our selected suppliers, farmers and small producers. Every day we also bake our own bread and baguettes. We believe in cooking with sympathy to traditional Czech recipes and our performance is about how we brought it to the 21st century. Successfully? Judge for yourself…


  • Location5
  • Service8
  • Food9
  • Prices8
  • Overall Impression10
  • 8


Open hours

  • Tel.: +420 603 945 236


U Uranie 18
Praha 7

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