Saturday 4 February 2023
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Wellness-swingers club 69

One of the oldest Swinger clubs in Czech republic – South Bohemia. Different thematic parties. For details call +420 776 244 410...


A small swingers clubs in Brno – Moravian region . Single man are not welcomed .

Swingers Club Lublaňská

Wellness Swingers Club Lublaňská – sauna for 8 persons, 2x whirlpool – each for 4 persons, steam cabin for 8...

Swingers Club Zámeček (CLOSED)

The Club was located in a quiet Prague district – the Horni Pocernice. Closed now.

Cassiopeia Swingers Club (CLOSED)

Little amateur swingers club Cassiopeia, originated in September 2004. Closed now.

Swingers Club Ready (CLOSED)

Permanently closed…

Natur Travel

A  travel agency, offering nudist and swingers tours around the world.

Honey Swingers Club (closed)

With stage, VIP room and 4 Private Dance Room, you have many opportunities to enjoy Prague’s finest adult entertainers as they reveal...

Swingers Travel PinkGO

SWINGERS TRAVEL – GAY TRAVEL – LESBIAN TRAVEL. Different destinations (Mallorca, Egypt, Bali, Cancun and much more….).


Cruises provide the ultimate playground for many lifestyles. TheSwingerCruise.com agency takes the best of all worlds and helps you create...