Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Sweet Paradise DOLLY

Two of the best clubs in Prague . Everything what a real man needs to perfect well-being and happiness, luxurious environment, prices of drinks  and services  that won’t shock You, but more likely surprise You pleasantly!

Sweet Paradise Night Club is synonymous with fun, attractive hostesses and great night club at all.

Second branch SWEET PARADISE – Slezská 75, Prague 2 

Have you ever heard about the „Fuck Machine“ ?  It can be seen this  club in a real „action“, check it out and ask for the ROOM no.8 !!



  • Location5
  • Service5
  • Drinks5
  • Atmosphere4
  • Overall4
  • 4.6


Open hours

12:00 – 05:00


Chelčického 5,  Praha 3

2 thoughts on “Sweet Paradise DOLLY

  1. ric


    I’m hoping you can help, I visited Prague about 10 years ago and visited a brothel don’t know where, all I remember is you paid at the bottom of a large spiral staircase (old building) the staircase led up to private rooms where there were elderly maids cleaning the rooms etc.. After researching it I think it maybe Paradise Club or Sweet Paradise or Paradise Dolly? Are there any others in town with a very distinct spiral staircase.

    I’m visiting next week with friends and I need to show them.



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