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Have you taken a gambling break not so long ago? Do you regret your decision? Swedish casinos are popular for the game break opportunities they provide to online players in order to avoid gambling addiction.

Whenever gamblers feel like they’re losing control over their betting habits, they can pause betting for a period of at least one month to a maximum of one year. Most players, however, regret their decision shortly after choosing this option, but they cannot undo it. The only opportunity for them to keep playing is by selecting a foreign casino online without a game break.

Learn about the gambling break system in Sweden and the foreign casinos that use no such system.

What is a game break?

At the beginning of 2019, Sweden introduced a gaming license, which all online casinos targeting the Swedish market should obtain. The authorities in Sweden allow gamblers to take a game break for a certain time period whenever they wish to stay away from gambling. Conversely, foreign casinos with no such permit enable players to use their sites without any breaks. Visit this page to learn more about the difference between casinos with or lacking a game break.

Moreover, the security of Swedish casinos is higher when compared to the safety of foreign ones. These virtual gambling venues require users to provide bank IDs for verification, which isn’t the case with online casinos outside Sweden. The implementation of gambling breaks enables players to pause their gaming for a limited time period of one, three, or six months. The players are those who decide how long they wish to refrain from betting.

The aim of this tool is to provide gamblers with a chance to manage their gambling habits, as most of them lose control after a given period. When individuals feel they’ve been spending too much time and money on betting, all they need to do is take a gaming break. All Swedish casinos have a responsibility to check every new player against this system to ensure he/she hasn’t requested a break in the past year.

Many individuals wonder when it’s the right time to take a break from gambling. The answer is unique for each player, as everyone has a different attitude towards betting. Nevertheless, such a decision is considered reasonable when online betting gradually turns into an addiction. When gambling is no longer fun but a necessity, it might be the right time to take a pause.

Nevertheless, individuals who are in control of their betting habits prefer playing at virtual casinos with no breaks. Players in search of no gambling limitations should find a Casino utan spelpaus outside of Sweden. Other European and overseas betting houses use no such system, thus not tempting gamblers to use this option and regret it after a short time.

In addition, game breaks cannot be undone once you decide to use them. Even if you change your mind after a few weeks, you have to wait for the period to expire before gambling again. Keep in mind that such a break prevents you from betting at any online casino in Sweden. People who choose the option of not gambling, for the time being, can alter their decision after twelve months. The moment you make this decision, you give up your betting rights for the time period you’ve chosen.

What about casinos without a game break?

Playing in a casino without a break isn’t feasible in Sweden. Anyhow, it doesn’t mean you are prevented from betting on gambling websites outside this country, such as those with a UK, Maltese, or Curacao license. As far as Nordic casinos are concerned, only Sweden and Denmark issue their own gambling licenses.

In contrast, Finnish and Norwegian casinos are generally licensed in Malta, the UK, and Curacao. Consequently, these Nordic gambling houses don’t have to adhere to the Swedish gaming regulations, which involve gaming breaks. Many Swedes turn to Norwegian sites instead of the British ones, as they find Norwegian easier to understand than English. Also, it’s more convenient for them to play with Norwegian kroner than with euros.

Furthermore, gambling licenses are issued from a limited number of countries within Europe and outside this continent. The Maltese license is undeniably the most prominent one in Europe, along with the UK permit. Some smaller countries issue such permits as well, including Gibraltar, Estonia, and Cyprus. Go here, https://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2017/01/05/how-gibraltar-became-one-of-the-worlds-biggest-gaming-hubs/, to find out how Gibraltar became one of the world’s biggest gaming hubs.

In terms of the gambling licenses outside Europe, the island country Curacao is undoubtedly the most popular. Gamblers who wish to play with no breaks should be prepared to pay tax on their earnings that exceed SEK 100. The tax might be as high as thirty percent. Your failure to report the earnings and pay taxes might lead to paying a hefty fine. Even worse, you might be prosecuted for committing a tax offense.

Are these safe?

Although Swedes are encouraged to gamble at Swedish casinos, they aren’t legally impeded from playing on foreign betting sites. It’s of great importance for the site you choose to be licensed by Malta or Curacao gaming authorities, which are considered most trusted. Swedish gamblers should also be aware that not all payment options are available to them, as the Swedish inspectorate does its best to prevent the approval of transactions from casinos not licensed in Sweden.

Fortunately, Swedish players can circumvent these limits by using less traditional payment methods like the e-wallets Neteller and Skrill. E-wallets are convenient, as gamblers can keep their gaming budget and bank account separate. At the request of individuals, e-wallets can easily be linked to their bank accounts. People can even make payments with cryptos, which is impossible on Swedish betting sites. Those who aren’t strangers to modern payment methods would have no problem playing at a foreign website.


Why wait for months until you gain approval to play again when you can gamble in a foreign casino?

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