Riverside Parties Prague

What if someone told you that you could enjoy history, comedy, booze, dinner, and legal graffiti in one place?

If you are traveling to Europe, don’t have a shit sense of humor and want a unique new take on ordinary tours- you need to join Riverside Parties Prague. This tour is essentially a walking tour for people that hate walking tours, but sinces its hard to not be a walking tour whilst walking about a city, you get to get wasted with the guide while they tell the most ridiculous stories about Prague (Yes, it’s legal to drink on the streets).

You don’t have to be bored to enjoy the history and sights of the city, and this is why this tour was created. The owner and his friends are all jaded ex tour guides that have been to many cities over the years to see or work for this same automaton kind of gimmick. So they had the idea to create a new take on this old idea, and turn it into something that people could actually enjoy.

They decided that history should be told the way it was meant, with a beer in one hand and good company.  So if you don’t wake up looking for a reason to be offended in the morning, come take part in this adventure you can ONLY find in Prague. Enjoy dinner, a fantastic comedy tour, and getting to desecrate a national treasure with spray paint (technically, legally). Find out more on the website: https://pragueriverside.trekksoft.com/en


  • Location10
  • Atmosphere9
  • Value9
  • Prices9
  • Overall 10
  • 9.4


Open hours

  • Tel.: +420 732 139 522


Karlova 12, Prague 1

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