Refectory Bar

This is a beautiful room which used to be a refectory of the Augustinian monastery for many centuries. Refectory is a place where monks gathered for lunch, dinner and prepared for masses.

t is one of the oldest parts of the hotel, dating back to 14th century with wonderful outdoor seating in the monastery arcades terrace, right next to the Sundial garden. Our menu consists of 32 cocktails including seasonal drinks and signature cocktails,however the bartenders are always willing to prepare almost anything you can think of. If you are searching for privacy, a distinctive vibe and high quality service, it is a great place to go.

Extraordinary selection of Gin and other premium spirits are worth the try.


  • Location9
  • Prices5
  • Atmosphere6
  • Service8
  • Overall impression8
  • 7.2


Open hours

  • Tel.: +420 266 112 284


Letenská, 118 00 Prague 1

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