Wednesday 17 April 2024
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Nirvana Massage

Our Massage salon offer a highly professional strictly massage only service for men and women in a fresh, warm, inviting and relaxing environment where our focus is on providing the highest quality service alongside excellent customer care.

The Nirvana masseuses can offer you a lot of different massage styles, such as Swedish and Classical Thai. Our attractive masseuses, will warm you up at the most tense zones of your body like neck, shoulders, feet and lower back while they prepare you for the more intimate part of the massage.

All massages are carried out with delicate and exquisite hand and body movements by our beautiful masseuses, this leads to an overall tension and stress removal, better blood circulation and better body function. The sensitive massage will give you a feeling of emotional freedom and better concentration.

All massages in the Nirvana salon are carried out as mystical rituals in a very calm and easygoing environment under the calm sounds of fantastic erotic music.

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  • Location9
  • Interior9
  • Services10
  • Masseuse9
  • Overall Impression9
  • 9.2


Open hours

Everyday 24/7


Šumavská 16, Praha 2

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