Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Hangar Bar Praha

The Hangar Bar Prague is a stylish establishment with the original atmosphere of 1940-60´s aviation. It combines the style and beauty of the pioneering Pan Am Airlines in the upper-floor Pilot’s Lounge with the recklessness of the stunt and military pilots in the Hangar Club placed on the bottom floor. In Hangar Bar Prague you can enjoy your cocktail and meal in peace, or experience a wild atmosphere with the show going on till the morning hours. The Hangar Cocktail Bar, Music Club and Restaurant is located in the popular cocktail-bar quarter in Dušní 9, Prague 1.


  • Atmosphere8
  • Prices6
  • Drinks & Coctails5
  • Service8
  • Overall impression8
  • 7


    Written by local reviewer

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Dušní 9/9, Praha 1

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