Saturday 3 June 2023
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💋 Relax Massage Prague 💋

Discover the magical pleasure of Erotic and Tantra massages in Prague
Our luxury salon Relax Massage Prague situated in the absolute centre of Prague in Old Town, offers a first-class and exclusive erotic tantra massages, where comfortable and always clean rooms are prepared for you.

Pussycat massage is a unique sexual experience. First of all, because from the passive participant you will turn into the active one. In the beginning you will take some time softly touching each other and getting introduced to the most sensitive parts of your bodies. You will feel how delicately the masseuse is sliding along your skin and how passion is growing inside her. She will grant you the utmost relaxation combined with pleasant sexual arousal.

Being surrounded with incredible pleasures of touch and sense you will soon feel that you would like to thank the beautiful masseuse for the delight she gave you. And pussycat massage allows doing it the best way. You can touch and kiss the girl in her most intimate zones, you can watch her for the most seductive angles and allow the arousal grow even stronger. While playing with each other’s bodies, giving and receiving kissed in the most unexpected places you will totally fall into the world of thrill and satisfaction.


  • Location10
  • Prices9
  • Service10
  • Masseuses10
  • Overall impression9
  • 9.6


    Written by local rewiever.

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Relax Massage Prague  – Bílkova 11, Praha 1

11 thoughts on “💋 Relax Massage Prague 💋

  1. Peter

    I visited the Relax Point , probably the smallest salon in Prague . Interior is different then at pictures . Massage was good.

  2. Lauda

    Nirvana is cool and proper massage salon , the entrance from the street with reception desk . I noticed they have usually 2 girls at presence.

  3. Simon Lebon

    I visited salon Jecná street , when I’ll come to Prague again I’m going to come see you again for sure and I’m going to recommend you to everybody. This was so amazing ! You’re wonderful I wish I could stay in Prague now .Thanks

  4. Ploedl Tomas

    Nirvana – Just incredible place. No Charles Bridge or Prague caste. This is a place must-to-see in Prague. I spent three time less money then in Berlin for the same NURU massage. Actually it hasnt been the same it has been even better. Thank you NIRVANA. I ll be back soon

  5. Roger Shannon

    I had perfect body-to-body massage in Nirvana, i really enjoyed it. Price is almost unbelievable when you compare it with other big cities in europe.

  6. Horri Bad

    Extremely pleasant experience. My first visit to Relax Massage was amazing and would love to visit again.

  7. Navin

    Visited Sweet Massage Prague and wasn’t very happy with my experience (Nuru). Out of 60 minutes, the masseuse worked on my back while I was lying on my front for almost 40 minutes. Then, after turning around she rubbed her body while I was facing her for 2 or 3 minutes. When she realized, I’m not getting excited or even close to it, she focused her attention on my penis for 10 minutes and gave up stating last few minutes are to relax.


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