Entree Restaurant

Even though this restaurant is not in Prague but in Olomouc Moravia , we have to mention it .

The exceptional concept of the ENTRÉE RESTAURANT will welcome you in an exclusive open kitchen area with a living garden. Nature also inspired the menu designed by chef Přemek Forejt as a surprising experience. The combination of unique dishes made with fresh ingredients, homemade drinks and carefully selected wines will enchant every guest.

There is no doubt that Přemek Forejt knows how to please even the most demanding palates. His previous experience includes the L’Autre Pied, a London restaurant which boasts a Michelin star, as well as Brno’s KOISHI restaurant specialising in sushi and fish which won first prize in Maurer’s GRAND RESTAURANT poll in 2013.

No matter which of the chef’s dishes you choose at the ENTRÉE Restaurant, an unforgettable culinary experience is guaranteed. The professional service will make sure you feel you are somewhere truly special. The ENTRÉE RESTAURANT seats up to 80 guests. The seating capacity will soon be extended by an outdoor terrace.


  • Location6
  • Prices9
  • Atmosphere10
  • Service10
  • Overall impression10
  • 9


Open hours

  • Tel.: +420 585 312 440


Ostravská 1 (132.37 mi)
Olomouc, Czech Republic 77900

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