Club K5 Relax (CLOSED)

The legendary club is closed now , but will be opening at a new place soon. We will keep you informed.

K5 relax is one of the best clubs in Prague, and considered by experts as one of the top sex clubs anywhere in Central Europe.

From friendly doormen to the hands-on management who will answer all of your questions in as many languages as you can imagine, to the lovely girls who will look after your every wish, this place has it all.

A computerised payment system ensures that you will not be ripped off. We cannot recommend K5 more.


  • Atmosphere9
  • Prices9
  • Drinks & Coctails9
  • Service9
  • Overall impression9
  • 9


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Praha 2, Korunní 5

29 thoughts on “Club K5 Relax (CLOSED)

  1. Robin

    High standard, excellent quality of services, friendly staff…but the hightlight of the night was Charlie and Magdalena !! Young, sexy, fresh beauty from Ostrava, and her ginger friend Magdalena.. Do not miss them guys

  2. Adresen

    I tried other places in Prague. But for some reason always ended up coming back to K5. Friendly staff, they have a non pushy attitude. Good place for shy people who don’t like feeling pushed. Last time the guard outside seemed like he was in a bad mood. But apart from that. I had good experiences in K5 during all my visits to prague.

  3. Marco

    Hallo everybody ,

    I have been in holiday last week in Prague, what a great city! Full History and of-course full of pussy!
    Guys if you go to Prague you must go and check the best Club .

    Have a good one!

  4. Harry

    I have been there 3 weeks ago for my mate stag party! Great fun , sexy ladies and great booze! We will b back! We love K5

  5. John

    What a great place! No stress from the girls, till you ask to one of the manager to bring you the girl at your table! See you very soon again!

  6. Bill

    I where in Prague for business a couple of weeks ago, after a great meal in a restaurant close to Namesti Miru metro station I decide to go for a drink at K5 Relax. When I arrived at the entrance i found 3 really kind security guards that checked me and then took me to an elevator, when i reached the 5th floor waiting for me where there a lovey brunet girl and one of the managers, after a free tour of the club I payed 500 czk entrance fee and the receptionist gave me a bracelet with an electronic chip where will be charged all the drinks or extra services that you use during your stay at the club. Then the lovely brunette girl took me to my table, a really friendly waitress came to take the order,the think that really impress me is that you don’t receive any stress from the girls , so you can enjoy your drink and watch the strip and the girls dancing, after a bit will come to you one of the managers and …

  7. Mark

    I have been there 2 days ago, great ambiance, all the workers there are really kind and not intrusive. The Club is air-conditioned and thanks to the mix of some really good fresh cocktails and some really hot girls I had an amazing night. If you go to Prague trust me go to K5 Relax Club for a brilliant night! Thanks K5 Team I will see you soon again.

  8. Manuel Prague

    Hello everyone, First , being new , as a good host I introduce my self : my name is Manuel , I just turned 33 years ( today ) , a do decent job (which I am not going to talk about for not bore you too ) that helps me to keep my vices ; I did not see that there is a post in which you collect all the review of k5 and then I created one new. Having to make precisely 33 years (I know do not seem of particular numbers ) I thought ( maybe in a someway blasphemous ) “ do a birthday where I want to“ die “ and “ resurrect “ the same night “ ; followed by philosophy just declared , therefore , I decided to organize an evening of fun for me and my three friends that I know since more than 15 years (of course I payed for all) . A further reason why I was able to organize the evening with the people I care most was the fact that in 15 years this year is the only year that none of us as a girlfriend or stable lovers ( even if he does not seem to be very faithful ) . Investigating then around and reading many reviews , given the high profile that I wanted to keep , I focused on k5 Prague . Exchanging a lot of emails with the direction (particularly with Christian who will have a personal review ) I managed to organize an evening that included the following menu ‚ : – Entrance fee for 4 people ; – 8 hours of fun already prepackaged (2 hours each) ; – Dinner for four people ; – Oper bar ; Budget for all the little party : 2.000 € Before starting the real review I’d like to clarify the following information : – I like to live the good life and be pampered in every way ; – Fortunately I have money to spend , and despite the crisis I like to use them as best I think ( so I kindly ask not to be judged on that) ; Let’s start now with the review itself: I have contacted Christian via e-mail , as described in the preamble , we agree to fix the special evening for Saturday, June 20, 2015 ; not knowing Christian and not knowing the club personally , politely I ask if we can meet on Friday to define the final details and give me a tour of the club ( mainly to visit all the rooms and location ) and we agree to see us around 18.30 on Friday ; arrived at the club we had the security control .When we arrived at the 5th floor Christian Greets me directly and he immediately making me feel like I was at my house ( and as if we had known each others since a life ) ; always very kind and helpful makes me go around to all the lclub making me visit all the rooms and informing me that the day after we will have a good quantity and quality of ladies ( in the end will be about 25 girls ) . Finished discussing the details , on the advice of Christian , we agree to begin the evening the next day at around 20:00 so we could have the opportunity to choose all the girls available . The next day , punctual as Swiss watches , we went at the club I and my three companions of fortune ; Christian and girl are ready to welcome us ( really nice girl , not been fucked as not recommended by Christian ) ; while my friends were still doing the usual tour of the club( and were immediately kidnapped by Irene who then will be a girls‘ been choose from one of us) , to advance the situation I give all the 2000 euros ( Christian puts all the money in an envelope and he tells me that at the end of the evening if you spend even one crown less he will give it back to us, and this proves how serious is this club ) he gives us the electronic bracelet. We go inside and we sit in the club ,we had a table booked and reserved for all the evening ; I would say a room on a human scale with a total of about 7 tables , a small stage with a pole for the various strip-dance and a bar ;when we just sit there comes the waitress and asks us if we wanted a beer (till 9 pm the bar has not a barman and then you can not have cocktails ) ,at beginning Petra ( this is the waitress name ) seems annoyed and unfriendly but , after a wile , it will prove to be a great girl during the evening . While Christian clarifies the last doubts and misgivings to my friends he asked us what was the target of girl we were looking for, and we told him that we were looking for this type of girls: GFE ( also if i know that it’s stupid but if there is someone who does not knows the term indicates a girl that will give the “ girlfriend Experience “ ) . Meanwhile we talked makes her appearance in room Alex (basically a girl who remembered much the Khaleesi of Game of Thrones ) that literally steals the attention ( and I think not only that) of the whole group (along with Irene will be the most popular girl of the night). Meanwhile, also on the advice of Christian , we begin to order food ( Chris suggest us to order a steak that was great) so meanwhile that we wait for the food we could think about the girl that we would choose after dinner and to at the moment around 21.00 there was around 20 ladies . While we were finishing eating we start to book the first lap: we ask then lights on both the girls we liked it from the beginning and also if there were other girls who would make us feel very comfortable in the room, Christian confirms that both Irene, which will then be optioned by 3 of us (unfortunately I was not able to choose he for lack of time but I will still review her as I wrote it with my 3 friends). Alex (also a choice of 3 of us with me in the three mentioned ) are identikit girls we were looking for ; in addition to the two of them it offers us Patricia ( chosen by my friend ) and Carla or Carol (sorry but I can not remember the name ) that are girls who know how to put people comfortable as very good in bed. In addition to the four of them , of course ,he gives us at least other five girls ( two would arrive later cause they were doing an escort service)a remarkable attractiveness , according to he they were very good in bed ; We book them two for the second round as we wanted to change completely the type of girls for the second round. Beginning to review the girls , on my opinion and the of my friends , in order of satisfaction , attractiveness and entertainment in the room ( two small clarification: a) none of us is Rocco Siffredi then I believe that a highly truthful review is better than a fake one; b ) the beauty is very subjective so the vote is given on the parameters of me and my friends ) All performance are of 1h . 1) CARLA / CAROL (services used by me) BEAUTY: 7/10 A girl of about 28 years, the body a little bit chubby but with two great boobs. Brunette blacks eyes with a lot of tattoos , high around 1.65. SOCIAL TIME: 7/10 We can talk very well (we have no problems to speak in English so we had not problem with all the girls) but of things very frivolous; as I said earlier a girl GFE, even if you build it, must try to speak a little bit of everything and maybe slightly more serious topics (I know that we are there to have fun but, as mentioned in the introduction, everyone seeks what he wants) ALCOHOL: 6.5 / 10 At first it seems that she can hold it very after we went in the room i realize that she feel the effects of alcohol; Love SKILLS : 8/10 I remind you that this section will be very much influenced by what I was looking for (remember GFE); the services offered and unexpected were: – BJ UNCOVER (not required also if I discovered that was available); – FRENCH KISS (available even if I used not allot) – DATY (yes) – Pussy (yes obviously cover) – Anal (article I do not care and it was not even required) Total Evaluation: 7,5 / 10 2 ) PATRIZIA BEAUTY : 7 + / 10 She also has about 28 years , not a Top Model a bit chubby which is good , Brunette approximately 1.70 tall ; overall a nice body ,She had two amazing blue eyes that on a Brunette make you do some very interesting mental journeys. SOCIAL TIME : 7.5 / 10 She also knows a little Italian ; My friend told me that he conversed well and a little bit of everything . To me too seemed nice because we exchanged a few jokes . I can add anything else because I have not spoken directly. ALCOHOL : 8/10 Polite , one cocktail probably because she wanted to remain lucid ; I personally prefer a girl that remains lucid than one that drink half of the Club Bar. Love Skills: 8/10 – BJ COVER ( not available uncover ) ; – FRENCH KISS ( yes) – DATY ( yes) – Pussy ( Yes cover) – Anal (no) Total Evaluation: 8/10 3) IRENE BEAUTY: 9- / 10 Classic blonde blue eyes, aged about 26 years old, handsome physique about 1.65 in height; a breast that was quite generous nature. Risk of falling in love 100%. SOCIAL TIME: 9/10 Girl very bubbly and vivacious; ALCOHOL: 9/10 She also takes a single cocktail then goes on cappuccino all evening. SKILLS amatory: 9/10 – BJ COVER (available uncover spontaneous without supplement); – FRENCH KISS (you at no extra charge) – DATY (yes) – Pussy (Yes obviously cover) -Anal (no) .VOTE TOTAL / LA RECOMMEND: 9/10 4) ALEX (services used SIGNED BY) BEAUTY: 9.5 / 10 As I said at the beginning of a copy from Khaleese Got. Blonde, green eyes, little one (I think it was 1.65) a second nature. He had a long blue dress that showed off her curves (even the dress, almost absurdly, remembered the long dresses of princesses GOT). To lose their heads SOCIAL TIME: 10/10 As described immediately below seemed to leave the room and be in the real world; pleasant, informed, very polite. I think that any adjective to discuss the social time with her does not make the idea of ??the pleasure of the time spent together. ALCOHOL: 10/10 Did not drink a drop of alcohol throughout the evening, she went on to mocaccino and water … honestly I really like girls so much Amatory SKILLS: 10/10 – BJ COVER (available uncover); – FRENCH KISS (yes) – DATY (yes) – RAI 1 (will obviously cover) – RAI 2 (no) I honestly do not know if it was a character constructed or was just so (Christian told me that she is just like that, a geisha but you have to deal well with kindness and she’ll reciprocate in full). VOTE TOTAL / LA RECOMMEND: 10/10 Here ends the story of the evening. I would love to conclude these review with some thanks/reflections – The environment is really top of the line; peaceful environment, no girl will put pressure, you can talk freely, the music is not too high. If a person tries just relax and the feeling of being pampered this is the place for you; – In my personal opinion the cost compared with the service they offer is adequate; an hour in a room with a girl costs about 150 €, the cocktails have the same price for both, you and for girls; I think, for the quality that was there that night, all the money I spent was well spent; -In Last a big thanks to the manager Christian; a person extremely available, very nice, he does his job very well, He knows how to give you a good advice (I still remember at the beginning that I was going to choose a girl and he strongly discouraged telling me that I would not have enjoyed it with her), if you want to go to k5 contact them and you will not regret. He is very direct and has no problem to tell you if a girl doesn’t fit with what you are looking for. If you tell him exactly what you want him will absolutely helps you to choose the write girl for you. Truly a „THANK YOU“ … If k5 has a new customer primarily is cause of him.

  9. Pietro

    What a great B.Day party that I had last week at your club guys! Lovely food (steak are delicious) and cocktails really good! Then as B.Day present from my friends i received a 2 h full immersion in the Roman room with the sexiest girl in the club. I`ll see you again during the winter K5!

  10. Love God Doug

    5 of us went to K5 relax for the first time on Saturday night and found the whole experience amazing! So much so, we went back again on Sunday again. K5 is heaven on earth!

  11. Andrea

    Had a lovely time at your Club last week, girls are gorgeous ,great music and atmosphere. See you again K5

  12. Paul

    When outside is relly cold this is the best place to go… ladies and lovely staff. See you for the NYE party K5

  13. Jean Pierre

    I went to Prague 3 weeks ago for business for the first time. About K5 told me my friends, they visited 2 years ago and from 5 days stayed there 4 nights in row 🙂 (they did try also other places, but they liked this one best). Didnt know what to expect, we have striptease clubs or escorts, but not places, where you can relax immediately. Security downstairs – which is good to feel secure, was very polite. On reception was standing lady manager – brunette and one of the ladies showed me the places. It was tuesday, already few people inside, but not too crowded. I was a bit nervous 🙂 the manager – Petra came to my table and explained me all the system. The computers on the tables are very helpfull, some of the girls were busy, so on the screen you can see all girls which are there in the night. I took few drinks, also steak for eat – very tasty, tooked a time to look around and later on I met lady name Selma. She is beautifull (most of the girls speak english, if you can decide by yourself, the manager helps you). I dont kiss and tell, but I had really terrific evening with a lot of fun and relax 🙂
    For sure I will be back, shame Prague is not nearer 🙁

  14. guy

    really nice write up, so much fun to be had in prague! k5 is one of the better spots around for sure

  15. Nigga4life

    I tried other places in Prague. But for some reason always ended up coming back to K5. Friendly staff, they have a non pushy attitude.


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