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El Barrio De Angel

A Latin American steakhouse , one of the best in Prague.

Dish {fine burger bistro}

Definately one of the best BURGER JOINT in Prague !


Sansho food and drinks unites chef-owner Paul Day’s inventive approach to pan-Asian cuisine with a commitment to supporting local farmers...


A quiet place in the heart of Prague with a relaxing atmosphere and an offer of excellent dishes and good drinks, you will find all this in...


Barbar is Czech and European inspired healthy food that nourishes the body, spirit and mind. Our menu is packed with variety of...

The Občanská Plovárna Thai Restaurant

  This restaurant can boast a fabled Thai chef, Kosin ” Ket ” Phakhin , who is regularly with imagination diversifying the...

George Prime Steak

George Prime Steak is the premier, quintessential American-style steakhouse located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town neighborhood. Our...

La Republika

Traditional meals of Czech culinary inspired by the ages of 1st Republic.

Tom’s Burger

  Real homemade burgers..

Bejzment Burger Pub

Well come and try the atmosphere of the Big Apple or make your memories come true again and taste our lovely juicy burgers or any other...