Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Café Letka

For a hundred years she had forgotten how to be a café.

In 2015 within the rustic walls of an Austro-Hungarian coffee shop, Letka was reborn as
a modern café with everything for the heart and soul. Quality coffee from Five Elephant in Berlin, breakfasts, freshly toasted sandwiches, a rotating variety of local cakes, natural homemade lemonades, award-winning Czech beer from Matuska brewery – we brought everything we could want for a perfect time with friends old and new.

Letka was reborn love and a sense of simplicity and quality. During the day a quiet cafe, in the evening a popular local bar. Always, Letka is a place to enjoy simple pleasures.


  • Location8
  • Food10
  • Service9
  • Prices8
  • Overall Impression10
  • 9


Open hours

8-24, every damn day !


Letohradská 44, Prague 7

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