Tuesday 16 April 2024
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Wireless remote vibrating love egg review

Ever wondered if there’s something that lets you take command of everything that goes down there with your vagina? The way your clitoris feels and the intensity with which you enjoy the orgasm? It all felt like a dream to ladies until the remote control vibrating eggs entered the market. Not only do these products please the women but let them take control by providing various options of stimulations to them. Well, though there are a lot of vibrating love eggs out there in the market, we’ve decided to let you know about a product that the ladies have enjoyed a lot and have been talking about.

The product that we’re talking about is SVAKOM’S Elva Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent vibrating love egg. This product is believed to be an all-rounder for a girl in bed wanting to please herself in ways. Here is an honest review of this product:


  • Technicalities

Well, reviews are always both positive and negative! But, for this product, they’ve turned out to be extremely positive since the start. Ladies have been loving it way too much and especially the technical stuff it offers. With various options to choose from and completely controllable remote system, they feel like they’ve their own boss for what goes down there. They feel like you’ll be needing a lot of batteries for this product because once you begin to use it, it’s going to be hard to stop and hence you’ll always be purchasing batteries for the product.

  • Intensity

This product has an incomparable amount of intensity that no other product in the market can offer- as a customer said. She said that sometimes it’s too strong to bear. So, if you’re the lady with some strong needs and desires for your clitoris, this product will work best for you. As said by many, they love the way they can enjoy the different intensities and stimulations down there as per their own wish. This vibrating love eggs is not just famous for its vibrations but the different intensities of vibrations that if offers.

  • Orgasm machine

A lady reviewed- need an orgasm? This is the product! Following this review, multiple customers agreed because they’ve got what they were looking for for a long time. Well, an interesting fact- not just the girls but the guys who gifted it to their girls think that they seem a lot happier and crazier in bed. Their sex lives have improved gradually once they started using this product for the lady. Ladies seem to try new stuff and be creative in bed when they use this product. It has been like a magic spread over on their sex life.

  • Controls

The best part about this product that the ladies have talked about is the power of control. When they’re feeling wild, they shift the intensity level to the top and get some crazy stimulations down there and when they feel low, they caress themselves down there for a bit and everything seems better. As per reports, women are more conscious about masturbating than men but with this product, women loved to have some alone time where all they need to think about is themselves. With clear options on the remote control to increase or decrease the stimulation intensity, this product gives it all to the ladies out there.

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