What Do Escorts Actually Do? A Guide for the Unknowing

Escorts are so mysterious, yet men are still attracted to them. Escort services are so secretive that most people wonder what they do on an everyday basis. Escorts aren’t just women. There are also some successful male escorts who meet the needs of men and women.

Choosing the right escort depends on numerous factors. Maybe you want to feel comfortable around women again after being married for some time. Maybe you’re in an unhappy married and you’re looking for some fun on the side. Or, maybe you want to try a new experience.

Whatever your reason, a date with an escort is a once in a lifetime experience that doesn’t require any attachments, commitments, or follow-ups. It’s a secretive experience that’s only known by the two of you. If you want to know what escorts do for a living or how you can find one, this guide will provide you with everything you need. Here are some important things you need to know before using an escort’s services.

1 – Go on City Tours

 Escorts will sometimes travel to Western European countries for several weeks at a time. During this time, escorts often network with wealthy clients who stay at business hotels or luxury boutique hotels. City tours have increased in popularity since they’re one of the best ways for an escort to earn more. This practice usually takes place during summer months and holiday weekends when there are more wealthy clients traveling.

2 – Rated on Online Forums

 As with anything, it’s important to do research on a certain service before investing in it. This is especially the case if you’re investing in something expensive. There are online forums and other websites that rank escorts. Before choosing one, you can read reviews from former clients who used that escort’s services. While most of these reviews are honest, there are some who will give bad reviews because they wanted the escort to provide more services than what was agreed to.

3 – Meet Agency Standards

 Not every person who becomes an escort will make it in this business. It’s important to find an agency escort rather than an independent one. The benefit to choosing an agency escort is that you’re provided with more options and they have to undergo a background check. An agency will also do the work to help you find the right escort.

For example, maybe you want an escort who provides the girlfriend experience. The agency will help you find one who can fulfill this need. Escorts that work directly with agencies offer more dates, provide security, and are transported in a vehicle.

4 – Offers Various Services

 The legalities differ depending on which country you reside in. For example, an escort service is legal to use in Amsterdam. They’re part of a union and pay taxes. But escorting is illegal in several parts of the world. So, one of the best ways to find an escort is through an agency. An agency can make arrangements so you can meet the escort. This keeps the legalities intact since you know which services you’ll receive.

5 – Have Their Own Language

Agencies can’t explicitly state sexual acts because of the laws. There are codes and languages that escorts use on their websites. One of the most common codes is GFE, which is known as the Girlfriend Experience. This is when the escort provides a service that’s similar to being in a relationship.

6 – Use Their Book Smarts

People often think of escorts as dumb or uneducated. They also assume they’re desperate for money or entering this profession to pay for their drug habits. That couldn’t be further from the truth. According to a study from the University of Arkansas, most escorts are well-educated. The reason why most of these women become an escort is because they wanted to become one. It’s a lucrative and stable career that they enjoy doing.

7 – Have Repeat Clients

Most escorts require for their clients to book multiple dates to maintain business. There are even some regulars they’ll see more than once. Most of these men are bored and lonely and looking for some fun outside out their everyday lives. They hire an escort because of the confidentiality and comfort ability factor. Plus, a relationship with an escort is not as risky as having an affair.

8 – Listed on Multiple Sites

There are some escorts who list themselves on multiple sites. That’s one way they try to increase their clientele. This offers them more income and freedom based on their career and personal needs. It’s important for escorts to market themselves on an ongoing business to find clients. The same rule would apply to any other business.

Dating an escort is a great escape from the stresses of one’s everyday life. Maybe you’re tired of the drama and games that come with online dating. Maybe you’re tired of swiping left on the wrong matches and getting ghosted. You can benefit from someone who has a mind of her own and enjoys building intimacy with someone.

This can also help you create a connection with someone that’s kept on the down low. No one else needs to know that you used the services of an escort. Maybe you have more questions about what escorts do, or how to schedule a date with one. Reach out to an agency and find one in your area.

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Jim Davidson, of CES, is a connoisseur of fine wine, drives fast cars and loves putting together content to help men live their best lives.

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