Tantric Massage Techniques


Some tantric massage techniques. Color yourselves up!

If we talk about tantric massage techniques, we are talking about the basic principles of this type of massage. There’s no exact sequence in the movements or just as in any other type of erotic massage “this is done first, and this is last”. But still there are some “guidelines” expressed as basic principles, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

One big basic principle is…

…you may touch every part of the body, because any of it may become an erogenous zone. Just imagine your fingertips radiate sexual energy that is transmitted through them to your partner. You will find that such touching can be more exciting and rewarding pleasure than ordinary sex. The duration of the massage depends on the desires of each other. During tantric massage you can touch the places that are rarely used in the usual massage. Meanwhile, it is them which are the most sensitive. For women, these are, e.g. soles of the feet, perineum and abdomen, for men – prostate, the pelvis and the sacrum. But do not get hung up on the erogenous zones of each other. Tantric massage means, that any part of the body can bring enjoyment and relaxation, if just pick up the desired movement. Try to alternate the pinching, rubbing and light cottons. Strew the partner’s body with light, subtle kisses, rub it with the breasts or buttocks.

How to feel yourselves even more

By the first touch every time you „get acquainted“ with the partner’s body, even if you’ve lived together for 20 years. Tantric massage begins with setting of a partner: sit down at his/her side with legs bent, put his/her hands across his/her back, one on the sacrum, the other in the area between the shoulder blades. Close your eyes and feel with his/her hands, try to slowly „fall“ in his/her hands, to feel the lack of boundaries between your bodies. Then, with one hand touching a partner, apply the oil on his/her back and legs.

If you feel that your partner feels himself/herself bounded and not completely ready for a massage, you can start with rubbing the feet. Treat them with oil and vigorously massage them for a while. Feet have lots of energy points, which are responsible for compactness and power. Their massage can help relieve stiffness and starts to arouse your partner. After the massage take care of the heels, massage each toe separately, gradually rising to the ankle down and down again. You can then begin to massage the thighs and buttocks. Then massage the chest and abdomen. At the final stage, enjoy a back, shoulders and neck. The culmination of massage is the stimulation of the most erogenous zones.

Need to say, that the main features of tantric massage are slowness and “viscosity” of your movements. Every touch is very slow, having its dense, intense attention. Imagine that you have a soft cat paws, then you can do everything right. Remember, tantric massage should be carried out only in the case if it brings joy to both partners. If you feel tired or weak, tell your partner about it and offer roles exchange.

Is tantric massage a regular one?

No, it isn’t. Tantra helps to improve the relationship between the partners and take it even higher – on the upper energetic level. Since the connection between the personalities is essential for partners’ life, tantric massage helps to improve it. By practicing this massage you may reveal not only the secrets of your partner’s body, but maybe even heal him/her with the sexual energy. All the power is in your hands, so just feel it and let it flow! But in case you would like to experience the tantric massage on your own skin and soul, you may use one of the massage parlors in Prague, where beautiful ladies will také duly care of you.

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