Tantra Prague salon in Prague 6

I offer massages that are a blend of techniques i have learned in the Ayurvedic,Tantric and Yoga traditions. Each of these traditions are so rich that i am proud to be a humble student, a dedicated devotee, and would not, as a principle, ever claim to master these traditions and techniques.

The basic principle—and desired outcome— of my massages is to open you to a variety of enriched experiences in life that have not been available to you due to physical and mental blockages. These blockages are created, due to work or family related stress, and by not following your desired path in life over a long period of time, by becoming a cog in the machine, so to speak. These blockages enable you to stay in your current situation through enslaving your consciousness. So in the best case scenario you do stay functional in your situation but at a great and increasing cost to your body and consciousness. In the worse case scenario, you actively experience some form of dissatisfaction with yourself that manifests itself in nervous tension and other stress symptoms.

Through moving your body’s energy, my massage will help facilitate the process of removing blockages in your body, cleanse your partially open centres by liberating the trapped energy, seeking to revive them to near full functioning, and open new centres by moving the newly liberated energy. All this will enable you to experience a feeling of mind-body togetherness and a subsequent enhancement of your consciousness. Aside from a general feeling of well being throughout your body, you can use this holistic state of body-mind to better deal with daily issues and crises in your life.

The massages are based on the idea of reciprocity. The success—or the extent—of it would depend on your level of participation in the massage. You may initially feel inhibited to express your feelings that would come to the fore as a result of channeling of energies but this would get better with time and we can work on it together.

I have been in the process of cleansing myself over the years. I am Vegan, do not smoke or drink alcohol, and use only vegan friendly and pure nature products. Massages are performed at my place which is uniquely designed to enhance the experience. You have to see it to appreciate it! All the items used during massages including, candles, towels, oils, and bathroom toiletries are free of toxic chemicals and animal products.

If you are looking for cheap thrills or a quick release to any localized tension, i am not the right person for you. But if the aforementioned description inspires you then contact me and make an appointment. Due to the nature of my work i can only work with few clients at a time, as it requires a great deal of energy on my part to do my job properly. It would help if you call in advance.
Parking is available. Minimum massage time is 2hours, shorter massage will have not everything you need and therefore I do not offer it.

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