Stag Party GAMES

No stag do is complete without some serious (or even hilarious) competition between the guys. Get ready for action with these great games…

Stranger Danger

You’ll need; Charm

Rules; Approach a group of likely lasses and engage them in conversation, but without your usual sparkling wit and charm, the challenge is to be as boring as possible (without being rude or offensive at any point) and keep them talking for 5 minutes without being told to push off. Last the full five minutes and you succeed. Fail and you face a stag penalty.

Last Man Standing

You’ll need; A pair of outrageous pants.

Rules; At any point during the evening if a groom sits down on the ground the rest of the stags must follow suit. The last man standing must then wear the hideous pants over the top of his trousers until the next time the game is played.
But… should a stag sit down and none of the others join in then he must wear the pants.

Extra; If you’re sly you can set it up so that the groom falls foul of the first round, has to wear the pants and then you simply don’t play the game again leaving him stitched up for the rest of the night.

Freeze Frame

You’ll need; Eyes in the back of your head

Rules; At any given point in the evening a stag can freeze completely still. The rest of the stags must follow suit, the last man to spot it and freeze must pay a (pint?) penalty.

Send To All

You’ll need; No phones!

Rules; This is a stag do so all phones should be off limits when all the lads are together. Any stag found in breach of this golden rule will have his phone taken off him and handed to the groom who will then send a text to the phone’s entire contact list without the guilty party seeing what is written.

Spanish Archer

You’ll need; Elbows

Rules; Pointing that’s just rude. Pointing with your elbows, that on the other hand is just weird. Embrace the weird! For the remainder of the evening you cannot call another stag by name, instead you must point with your elbows. Failure to do so… Stag forfeit.
‚Spanish Archer‘ – ‚El Bow‘ See what we did there?

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