Sex Doll Only Club in Barcelona

prague for adults 52File this story under “weird:” Spain has officially opened a sex-doll brothel. You read that right — it’s called LumiDoll, it’s staffed entirely by four sex dolls and one receptionist (a human), and according to Broadly, it’s the first of its kind in Europe.

The LumiDolls sex dolls even have names: Katy, Aki, Lili, and Leiza. According to Lumidolls’ official website, the dolls are “totally realistic,” and will allow you to “fulfill your fantasies without any limits.” The site’s “Frequently Asked Questions” section also points out that like real women, the dolls each have an “oral, vaginal, and anal cavity,” in case you were worried about that.

The LumiDolls are sanitized before and after each service with “special antibacterial soap;” however, the official website recommends using the dolls with condoms, which Lumidoll provides for each of its customers. For maximum discretion, LumiDolls offers to dress and position the doll and have her waiting in a private room where the customer can watch porn or listen to music while having sex with the doll of his choice. A one-hour session will set you back around $126.While sex-doll brothels aren’t really a thing in the U.S. or Europe, Forbes reports that they’ve been popular in Japan for quite some time, especially with husbands “working away from home who don’t want to be unfaithful.” (Okay, but if you don’t want to be unfaithful to your partner, maybe just…don’t?)

LumiDolls’ opening comes on the heels of the recent Love and Sex With Robots conference in London, where engineers, programmers, authors, and entrepreneurs gathered in October to talk about the fast-growing sex robot market and how realistic, lifelike sex androids might both revitalize the sex tourism and travel industries as well as fulfill customers’ needs in the future.

Here’s hoping sex with other humans will not soon be a thing of the past.


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