Partying in Prague

I know that I might be a little biased (because I studied abroad in Prague), but I think Prague has the best all around nightlife in Europe.

But wait, what about Barcelona?  What about Berlin?  What about Stockholm?

Don’t get me wrong, those are amazing cities to party in- and I had some wild nights in those places.   But they just don’t have the complete nightlife package that Prague does.

Prague has it all.  Insane nightclubs, hundreds of pubs, underground cave bars, rooftop terraces, dive bars, house parties and my favorite of them all, beer gardens.

On top of all that, there is one more thing that sets Praha apart from the other big European party cities that I mentioned above. And that is…

–> The Cheap Prices! <–

Prague is a hell of a lot cheaper than every country on the Euro (The Czech Republic’s currency is the Koruna).  For example: at my favorite underground bar called U SUDU (read about it below), a half liter of beer was about $1.50USD.  How’s that for a bargain? For just $10, you will be hammered.

The drinking culture in Prague is similar to it’s neighboring country, Germany.  Everything is beer, beer, beer.  The Czech’s actually drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world, which gives Prague such a fantastic nightlife scene.  There are several beer gardens located around the city, each one with long wooden tables, lots of rowdy people and an unlimited supply of beer.  In the summertime, beer gardens are best places to drink beer during the day.  My favorite beer garden is called Riegrovy Sady, which was just a few blocks away from my house (Namesti Miru station).  You must check it out if the weather is nice!

Of course, the clubbing scene is amazing.  There are at least a dozen big room, EDM dance clubs that stay open until the sun rises.  Prague is also home to the biggest club in Central Europe, the 5-story Karlovy Lazne Club.  No matter which night of the week you’re out, people will be drinking there until 6AM. It’s just that crazy.

If clubs or beer gardens aren’t your thing, then don’t worry because the pub/bar culture is ecstatic!  There are many underground, grungy dive bars that feel  like you’re walking thru a maze because there are so many rooms.  Most of them have dance floors, awesome electronic music, and different bars in each room.  Seriously, these are the spots to go to pregame (drinking before going to the clubs) because the beer is so cheap!

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