Unforgettable Stag Party in Prague 

OUR TIP: Unforgettable Stag Party in Prague 

Is your best friend going to be married? Are you the commissioned person to organize this task? We have an offer for you! Afford him absolutely unforgettable stag party in Prague! Take advantage of experienced staff and organize it at night club Neon! 

The club is located in the centre of Prague and had already been tested by hundreds unforgettable (not only) stag parties. The city of Prague is well known for its beauty, but it has other benefits than sightseeing. The place is literally heaven in case of night-life. Prices of the drinks are one of the cheapest in europe and beauty of the local girls will leave you SPEECHLESS!

But back to stag parties – they should contain friends, alcohol, perfect atmosphere and of course beautiful girls… is that right?  There is no better night to enjoy outstanding ladies, than during your last night before marriage. Neon’s nice and kind hostesses are there only for you. They will make your night hard worthwhile.

They are two variants of stag parties in night club Neon. First option is Basic option with 1 bottle service + 6 soft drinks, 1 hour with one hostess for your groom in the room with whirlpool + champagne and a strip for whole group. Basic option costs 4 900 CZK and we guarantee you perfect a night with a lot of fun.

Second variant is Maxi option and you can enjoy 2 bottle services and 6 soft drinks, 1 hour with two hostesses for groom in the room with whirlpool and a strip for whole group. This Maxi option costs 8 900 CZK. Sounds good, right?

It’s up to you, if you want to start your night out at club or choose it as a final destination. Once you have think it through, call  +420 733 121 022 or send a message to this email – info@neonclub.cz and get your party booked in advance.

Why should I have my stag party in Neon club?

  • Close to the Prague centre
  • Cheapest and delicious drinks
  • Many girls waiting only for you
  • Lot of options for your friends
  • 100% discreteness – we are not going to tell this to your future wife
  • No entry fee
  • Pay by card is accepted



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