Exclusive Massage in the Secret Massage Salon

For all lovers of erotic massages, passion and naked body, we have prepared an erotic massage with a unique program! Our exclusive erotic massage contains everything that men love so much.  At first, it is obvious that you choose a masseuse that is most sympathetic to you. It will take you to the room, give you a shower before a massage and bring you a drink to suit your taste.

Subsequently, the exclusive massage program begins. The masseuse will sit comfortably in your chair and turn erotic music on. She has beautiful sexy lingerie and heel boots. Now you enjoy her body visually. The masseuse first dances in front of you a sexy striptease, but she is slowly approaching you to help her out of the last pieces of her dress. Then he dances at your crotch. This exciting introduction to exclusive massage ends with your first orgasm.
Then the masseuse puts you on the massage bed and massively massage each part of your body with warm oil. During that time, however, do not forget that you have come to enjoy the massage but also the erotic. It is also your immediable place. Play with them to keep you in the world of passion all the time. Massage is accompanied by a very popular body massage on the body. You feel her breasts on your skin and the excitement grows further. Yes, you can touch it.
This amazing massage ends with your next orgasm. You will definitely be very happy to leave. You will take a strong erotic experience with you and remind you of it for a long time. Or …. Visit us again and try an exclusive massage with another masseuse.

We are looking forward to you!
Your Secret Erotic Massage 


Secret Massage Salon

Za Poříčskou bránou 382/16
186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

Tel.: +420 601 550 890



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