Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Erotic massage – what is all about ?

Eroticka masaz Praha Salon MataHari


Erotic massage is a modern concept of relaxation, enriched with peachy adventure.

Its main purpose is to bring, prolong, enjoy and work with physical excitement.

Intimate climax is a natural part of the massage. But it’s not the only goal of the service, after achieving it  erotic massage does NOT end.

Erotic Massage:

  • stimulates the libido
  • enhances the ability to respond positively to sensory stimuli
  • relieves stress
  • brings good mental condition

Erotic massage is open to all men, women and couples from 18 years (no upper age limit).

You can expect full body massage with focus on an intimates parts of your body. Nude therapist and showering together is obvious part of the session. 

If you do not say otherwise, therapist follows standard course of massage.

Erotic massage will transport you to different time, when people were valued above business and time moved just a little bit slower.



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