Friday 1 December 2023
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Chilli Play Party vol.3

We will open the November Chilli Play Party with exhibition of paintings
(art prints) by Kateřina Bažantová. She not only creates digital sexy
provocative art but also works as a handpoke tattoo artist in Prague. So
don’t be afraid to approach her and work something out with her 🙂

Next, we are going to see a breathtaking Aerial Hoop acrobatic show by
Lenka Hreusová, who besides hooping, also does Pole Dance and teaches in
her Prague studio Let’s Fly at Smichov. Maybe it will entice you to try
these sports too!

And finally, Miss Gendered. Miss Gendered forever. And why not? Goth by
day and queen by night. This non-binary singer is a born performer and
can’t wait to step up to us in her highest heels, sing like we’ve never
heard before and celebrate an evening of freedom with us!


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