Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Experience of Tantric Massage


Tantric massage is a holistic experience aiming to release the person from any stress that has accumulated both in the body and mind. In addition to loosening the tension build-up in the muscles like regular massage does, tantric massage utilizes the properties of how energy works in the human body.

It treats the person and their body as a whole. Tantric massage also involves the genitals which are seen as an area that holds many strong energy points and as such many of the every day stresses as well. Massaging the genitals is not seen as inappropriate. The genital area is actually sacred.

The benefits of tantric massage have a lot to do with the spiritual side, in addition to the physical effects. After a tantric massage you will feel as if all the stress has faded away, there is a sense of inner peace and calm, perhaps even serenity.

Salon Massage XX – Larosa

Rumunská 4, Praha 2,

5 minutes from metro station „MUZEUM“

+420 608 900 316


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