Benefits of erotic massage

Erotic massage can help prevent anxiety and stress

Research shows that massage increases the production of endorphins in your body while allowing your muscles to relax. Dopamine and serotonin are also released during erotic massage. Sensual massage are therefore great for more than just pleasure but also for the stress release and unloading of sexual and mental tensions.


Massage can improve relationships

Erotic massage can help you in your personal life also. For example if you are in long term relationship and you need to spice up you sexual life, erotic massage is a great solution. Not only that it will help your sexual life, it will also help you learn to be open and conscious of your own feelings and emotions, and those of your partner and that can help your relationship in general. Also when you are starting a new relationship it’s a great way to relax and make yourself open to your partner’s feelings.

Erotic massage can remove body and muscle pain

According to various researches and reports, it is found that if you are having massage regularly, then you can easily fix the issues like body and muscle pain. Pressure on the muscles, connecting tissue, ligaments, joints, tendons and lymphatic nodes all have many benefits for the body. It stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles in much the same way as a normal massage – but with better ending!

Perineal and prostate massage can improve erections

In more recent times, we have realized that a skilled massage of the genital area in men – especially the perineum – stimulates blood flow to the genitals which can help to strengthen erectile tissue and relieve prostate pain and dysfunction. Gently stroking this area for a period of time can actual cause your entire body to relax, your pulse to slow, and your blood pressure to decrease.


Erotic massage has a lot of benefits, so come visit our salon in Prague and find it out on your own!

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