Thursday 21 September 2023
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Add a New Dimension to Boudoir Play With a Gag and Other Sex Toys

No matter if they’re for oral play, medical fetishism, or just plain old-fashioned bondage; gags can add an exciting new element to boudoir play. Easy and versatile toys made out of different materials offer new levels of enjoyment, so read on and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite!

Ball Gags

Ball gags are one of the most beloved sex toys and an invaluable addition to any bondage scene. Not difficult to use and made out of various materials, these classic ball gags provide plenty of entertainment while raising sexual tension between two partners and keeping submissives from communicating or expressing themselves freely.

Ball gags consist of a skin-safe rubber or silicone ball attached to straps that wrap around the head, preventing talk while still permitting grunting, making noises, or excessive drooling depending on how tight they are worn. They make an ideal starter gag as it’s quick and easy to become familiar with, providing the experience needed before moving on to more complex forms of gagging.

There are various kinds of ball gags on the market today, some of which can be filled with air to add even more excitement and arousal. Some can be filled with mouth air while others come equipped with small nozzles on either end that enable users to fill them up with liquid such as water. Still others are solid without holes for breathing while some feature puncture holes for improved airflow.

Open Mouth Gags

When it comes to mouth gags, both submissives and dominants have access to various forms of play that involve them. Some include vibrators and dildos for sexual play while others are designed for oral sex with tongues and lips.

As is true with other kinky sex toys, it’s essential to set clear boundaries and communicate with your partner prior to beginning play with a gag toy. Since you won’t be able to speak out loud when things get rough or wild, a signal for open mouth gag play is necessary. An action such as taps on the back or even stomps can signal that too much rough play has taken place; some common examples may include taps or stomps being performed on each other during the gagged interaction.

An elegant and durable mouth gag can be one of the most useful sex toys to add to your collection. Any leather or synthetic open mouth gag typically features a few safety straps with studded accents to give your partner a seductive vixen look, as well as two interchangeable O-rings of different diameters to accommodate different play styles.


Over-the-Mouth Gags

These are frequently employed as bondage play tools and to add sexual pleasure to scenes in kink and BDSM (which you can learn about here) often combined with other restaurants like neck corsets or other forms of restraints like neck ties.

There are various varieties of toys to fit each wearer’s mouth or body shape, from inflatable models with holes for increased airflow to materials which can be heated or chilled to give additional erotic sensations. They may be placed inside the mouth to form an airtight seal, or attached around the throat with straps.

An over-the-mouth ball gag is one of the most commonly used types of toys and makes an ideal starting point for beginners. This type holds open the jaw while simultaneously muzzling noise and collecting saliva in your mouth – which can be very pleasing! A beginner should start small before gradually increasing in size to prevent discomfort or jaw pain.

Other Gags

They can bring an additional element of restriction and excitement to BDSM play. Used to limit speech, restrict throat suckage or completely close off mouth opening, they offer various stimulation for their wearers as well. They may also be combined with handcuffs or ankle cuffs to create an intense experience for all involved.

Harness gags are designed to be worn over the head and secured with buckles at the back of the neck, providing a secure yet comfortable fit. Harness gags (www.reddit.com/r/BDSM/harness_gag) can be combined with balls, rings or bits for a more intense BDSM experience and can even be combined together into an extreme experience!

Bit gags, with their bar that protrudes from the front of the mouth similar to that of a horse’s bite, may also provide restriction based on desired levels. They may be made from metal or silicone and be either straight or curved depending on desired restriction levels. Bit gags may cause discomfort to wearers as well as cause pain in their teeth and jaws, yet can also provide stimulation of another kind.

Making your own can be relatively straightforward for anyone interested in creating them at home, using various supplies available at retail stores and following an easy process. A basic gag can be created from a long handkerchief. Start with an oversized piece, tie a knot in its middle to secure it around the mouthpiece, and suck on it as needed to provide some fun foreplay with your willing partner!

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