Wednesday 6 December 2023
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5+1 tips for a stag party

Are you organizing a stag party for your friend and planning to spend a night or a weekend in Prague? Congratulations! You have already made the best possible decision. Prague is a beautiful city and just being there is an unforgettable experience. However, it also offers many various possibilities and attractions for locals and expats as well as tourists. Here is what you shouldn’t miss in order to enjoy the best and maybe also the craziest time of your life.

  1. Cruise at the Vltava river

Just like basically any other capital, Prague is situated on a river that divides the city into two parts. If you want to start your city experience off the right foot, booking a cruise and having a drink while enjoying the view is the right choice. If you prefer to do the cruise later at night and watch the city lights, there are options for you too.

Pro tip: Rent yellow pedal boats and decide yourself, which direction to go, what to see and how much time at the river to spend.

  1. Go on a city tour

Want to see the best out of the amazing Prague architecture but all the online guides are giving too many tips and it is hard to plan an afternoon walk out of it? Book one of the many city tours and let the experienced guide lead you. Besides seeing everything important, you’re going to listen to the stories about the history of the magical Middle-European capital and enjoy a peaceful time in the city.

Pro tip: There are companies offering vintage car tours. Explore the city in style, from the comfort of the back seat of a historic car.

  1. Taste local cuisine

No unforgettable evening starts without a proper dinner. When it comes to food, Czechia has a lot to offer. For sure you shouldn’t miss a dish that consists of the traditional Czech triad: meat-sauce-knedlik (traditional Czech dumpling). Go to almost any restaurant in the city center and ask for “Svickova” with cream, Goulash, Pork with dumpling and cabbage or Duck with cabbage. You won’t regret!

Pro tip: If you fancy something deep fried, Czechia offers, besides Schnitzel, an amazing Fried cheese with fries and a tartar sauce. Yummy!

  1. Enjoy the legendary Czech beer

No matter where you are from, you have probably already heard about the one and only Czech beer. Czechia gave birth to a traditional light lager of a Pilsner type that inspired breweries all over the world to brew their beer the same way. The original one is called Pilsner Urquell but basically no Czech beer is going to be a mistake. The city offers beer tours that are going to introduce you to the best of the Czech beer culture.

Pro tip: Are you a real beer fan and can’t imagine your week without a few pints? Then you shouldn’t miss a beer bath with unlimited beer!

  1. Join a pub crawl

The night is still young and you want it to progress. If you feel like meeting other international people or simply just want somebody to show you good bars and clubs around, you should go on a pub crawl. 2 hours of unlimited beer, wine and vodka consumption will make you throw away your inhibitions and enjoy the night to the fullest. End up in a 5-story night club Karlovy Lazne or other of many clubs offering an amazing party.

Pro tip: When it comes to alcohol, Czechia is not only known for beer. You should also visit an absintherie and try one of many local products!

  1. Visit Night club 

The night progressed and you feel like making it a little bit more spicy. Well, there are options for you too. Neon Club right in the center of Prague can offer you an unforgettable stag party program with alcohol, striptease and… much more. The groom will get one hour with one (or two!) girls of his choice in the whirlpool with champagne. An occasion like a stag party might only occur once in a lifetime, so let’s make it a big time!

Pro tip: If you don’t feel like going to Neon club, you can use the escort service and one of the call girls will come to make the groom’s dreams come true.

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