Barrandovský sen (closed)

BARANDOVSKÝ SEN – BARRANDOV DREAM” just because you will feel like in the most beautiful dream you have ever had.

You will always get the maximum satisfaction of your needs with us. You will always have a guarantee of hygiene, health and the enjoyment of girls.

We will to give you our positive energy and if we meet the wishes you still dream of, then everyone is happy and it should be like this!

When employ new colleagues, we always emphasize the strict prohibition of narcotics, mandatory health prevention and the prevention of unfair intentions (thefts). Girls are randomly given drug tests and other additional health prevention.


  • Location8
  • Service9
  • Prices10
  • Girls9
  • Overall impression9
  • 9


Open hours

Non stop



2 thoughts on “Barrandovský sen (closed)

  1. Barfly

    An indenpendent brothel located in the suburbs of Prague 5 , the car is necessary , there is an opportunity to park on the desert street in front . They have three or more girls there , nothing special but everyone can choose .


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