Angelica Lamour Burlesque

Angelica has been performing in various styles for 20 years and discovered burlesque in New Zealand in late 2011. She immediately fell in love with this genre and its potential for full artistic expression and celebration of femininity and confidence.

Angelica’s first encounter with dance was early on in ballet but that childhood dream was not meant to be. She found her element later in ballroom and Latin dancing but also worked as a gogo/podium dancer, she was part of a modern dance troupe and trained in belly dance and flamenco. She likes to utilize this varied dance experience in her burlesque by blending styles.

This cosmopolitan vixen is the True Bohemian, from Czech Republic that is. She is fiery yet romantic, raunchy yet subtle, like an angel with a devil inside or the other way round depending on what she wants to show you first. She loves to put these polarities into her burlesque in variety of styles from classic to neo. She is equally comfortable in glamorous classic flirty or romantic routines as well as in very neo concepts and fetish numbers. Sometimes she will tease you crazy in a glamorous outfit or she turns into a raunchy dominatrix other times she will make you cry and reach to the depths of your soul and yet another time, she can make you laugh. Her love of arts, movies and fashion reflects in her inspirations and costumes for memorable concept routines.


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