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Tantric is a directed and personal massage of the entire body, with the goal of awakening a sensual, spiritual side in you that is longing to be unleashed to fruition.

Step by step, you gradually come to discover more of yourself with this precious, sensual-erotic piece of art through tactile touching that is unique each and every time you give yourself up to it.

Tantric Massage seeks to channel the body’s deep rivers of energy as well, through fine and caring touching that wake up the inner nature. It is the connecting link between body and soul.

I believe that every man likes to be touched in his own special way. Just like the taste preference differs from person to person, there are many different personal preferences. My many years of experience give me a good understanding of this diversion of tastes.I understand to individual body language and try to find out what my guests need. I always talk to my guests about their likes or dislikes before the massage.If you can feel and experience something that you never had words for, then it means a success to me.

If you are searching for an experience that is different to a common wellness massage, and if you want feel tenderness, being close to somebody, to be pampered with gentle and flowing touches by my caring hands or to be even more excited by the intense BODY-TO-BODY massage, that will stimulate you, then my sensual massage will be ideal for you.

You will feel being emotionally and physically linked with me. I m using a particularly creative and diversified technique, which based on Far Eastern massage techniques.

Lomi-lomi is a massage, that you cannot describe, you need to experience!

From the verdant tropical islands of Hawaii comes the Polynesian word Lomi, which literally means „to press, to knead, to caress.“ By uttering it twice (Lomi Lomi), the word acquires a deeper meaning. And then there is the additional word Nui, which in Hawaiian is translated as „special.“ So spoken together, Lomi Lomi Nui evokes the promise of a very special massage, indeed.

I offer you massage in your hotel room or at your home. NO need to waste time on transfer taxis or jams. After the massage you can stay asleep, relaxed and happy.

Tel: CZ 00420 608 770 164  (MSG/WhatsApp/Calls)

Outcal – incall/massage

Check out my schedule here :  http://almaya.ch/en/


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  • Approach10
  • Overall impression10
  • 9.6


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