Wednesday 17 April 2024
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5 Stars Massage

Perfect for those of you who want to enjoy your stay in Prague and, perhaps, add a little pinch of spice to it.

We are sure that you will love the offered services and your desire to return will gradually grow with every single visit. Prague erotic massages are exactly what will push your stay in Bohemia up another tier.

The agents of your pleasure
While you may have never yet experienced a proper massage with an erotic twist or you may be a experienced visitor of sex massages, in either case we are sure that you will love the attitude of our masseuses and masseurs, who are trained professionals in the delicate art of different kinds of erotic massages.

Our diverse range of masseuses covers blondes, brunettes and even redheads meaning that you do not have to be let down by an absence of your preferred spice.

For women who favour a firm touch of a man, we can as well provide you with male masseurs.


  • Location7
  • Service8
  • Girls7
  • Prices7
  • Overall impression8
  • 7.4


Open hours

24 / 7 NON-STOP


Štěpánská 539/9, Praha 2

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